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  • Eli Ostreicher

    Eli Ostreicher

    I’m a NYC serial entrepreneur who recently fell in love with dev. Passionate about all things Python, AI, data science and machine learning. Praying for 🇺🇦

  • Shiju Varghese

    Shiju Varghese

    Consulting Solutions Architect and Trainer on Go and Distributed Systems, with focus on Microservices and Event-Driven Architectures. Author of two books on Go.

  • Satyajit Roy

    Satyajit Roy

    Automation and Technology enthusiast, Coder, Blogger, Foodie, Movie buff and a full time dad

  • Dinkar Kumar

    Dinkar Kumar

  • Julia Kho

    Julia Kho

    Julia is an analytics professional who loves to write easy to understand Python and data science articles for beginners

  • Chloe McAteer

    Chloe McAteer

    Senior Software Engineer

  • Lutherus


    The nerd king. AI developer, cognitive robotics researcher, Linux kernel hacker, founder.

  • Matheus Lozano

    Matheus Lozano

    A SysAdmin who love to automate everything — DevSecOps, SRE and Chaos Engineer, let's share our skills.

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